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Episode 5: Success From Scratch

In episode 5 of “Success From Scratch,” MJ Franklin shares her secret to success. It wasn’t education, it wasn’t special celebrities she knew, it wasn’t because she had a lot of money. She had GRIT, determination, drive and a willingness to serve. Make time to watch this episode, you won’t regret the time invested. )

Why Does Your “Why” Matter?

It’s been about 134 days since we all made those “New Years Resolutions.” So, how are you doing with those? The answer was either a wow, an ouch or something in-between.  Good, because whatever emotion that brought up for you, declare it perfect and move forward in a powerful direction. Gym owners and weight loss

Episode 4: Success From Scratch

In this week’s episode, see how Nicole Espinosa, author, mentor, short sale expert, and a successful team leader makes things happen. You’ll quickly learn why her passion to help others is a big part of her success. “Specialize in something, if you try to do everything, you will never be good in anything” – Nicole Espinosa.  

Episode 3: Success From Scratch

This week’s episode of “Success From Scratch” features our very own, JP Piccinini, CEO and Founder! Take a moment to watch or listen how he started JPAR from scratch and how it has become the 88th largest broker in America. Episode 3: Success From Scratch What’s the point of success if you can’t share your

Welcome JPAR Business Development Managers

JP and I are pleased to announce continued investments in our brokerage with the addition of the “Business Development Manager” roles with Kandi, Kathryn, Michele, and Mike. The Business Development Manager role will be accountable in their assigned territories for leading the culture, recruitment, and operations of JP and Associates company-owned offices.  They will be