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Episode 5: Success From Scratch

In episode 5 of “Success From Scratch,” MJ Franklin shares her secret to success. It wasn’t education, it wasn’t special celebrities she knew, it wasn’t because she had a lot of money. She had GRIT, determination, drive and a willingness to serve. Make time to watch this episode, you won’t regret the time invested. )

Why Does Your “Why” Matter?

It’s been about 134 days since we all made those “New Years Resolutions.” So, how are you doing with those? The answer was either a wow, an ouch or something in-between.  Good, because whatever emotion that brought up for you, declare it perfect and move forward in a powerful direction. Gym owners and weight loss

Episode 4: Success From Scratch

In this week’s episode, see how Nicole Espinosa, author, mentor, short sale expert, and a successful team leader makes things happen. You’ll quickly learn why her passion to help others is a big part of her success. “Specialize in something, if you try to do everything, you will never be good in anything” – Nicole Espinosa.  

Episode 3: Success From Scratch

This week’s episode of “Success From Scratch” features our very own, JP Piccinini, CEO and Founder! Take a moment to watch or listen how he started JPAR from scratch and how it has become the 88th largest broker in America. Episode 3: Success From Scratch What’s the point of success if you can’t share your